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RFID - How it Works
RFID Tag We provide RFID  Tags to meet all of your needs. Our expert consulting allows you to accurately determine all of your contractual requirements.

Moving into the RFID marking and packaging world can be an unnecessarily daunting experience. Let us help you through all phases of your DOD sales. The quoting process cost determination is critical to maintaining bottom line profits. It is easy to quote an item with a fair profit margin then see that profit margin eaten up by unanticipated marking & packaging costs. Getting a handle on those costs and insuring they are included in your planning is mandatory.

Review your destinations, quotes, contracts, bids, RFQ's, RFP's and awards from the Department of Defense carefully so as not to miss the requirement for “RFID” (Radio Frequency Identification) Tags.

Reminder of RFID Requirements from: https://www.dibbs.bsm.dla.mil/Notices/msgdspl.asp?MsgId=649

ATTENTION DLA SUPPLIER - Important information regarding Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Effective OCTOBER 1, 2011, all non-compliant passive RFID shipments will result in a negative impact to suppliers past performance history.

RFID tags are required for DLA direct shipments (shipments for stock to a DLA depot) if the depot is listed in the clause at DFARS 252.211-7006. Most DLA depots require RFID tags. See the clause for a complete listing of the locations.

In addition to tagging shipments, an advance shipment notice is also required. The receiving report in Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) serves as the advance shipment notice. If the advance shipment notice is not submitted before your shipment arrives at the depot, you are in non-compliance. See the WAWF online training site at https://wawftraining.eb.mil/xhtml/unauth/web/wbt/WbtMainMenu.xhtml for a complete module on entering RFID tags.

A complete list of passive RFID requirements for suppliers can be found at DFARS 252.211-7006. You can view the clause at this link: http://www.acq.osd.mil/dpap/dars/dfars/html/current/252211.htm#252.211-7006.

Additional information regarding RFID is available at:
(Including a copy of the DOD Suppliers Passive RFID Guide)


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Our "Slap-N-Stick" tags are fully DOD RFID compliant and very simple to use. We provide a 2 part "Tandem" tag that simplifies the process. When RFID tags are required you must have registered with the DOD’s Wide-Area Workflow (WAWF). All invoicing will be done through the WAWF system. Our Tandem tag makes this easy. Simply peel the large bottom part (containing the RFID antenna) and Slap it on your DOD Shipment then peel the smaller top label and Stick it on your paperwork. When your shipment leaves, invoice through the internet (WAWF). You will need to enter the 26 digit long hexidecimal number from each tag as part of the shipment details. We offer a scanner that makes entering the RFID number into WAWF easier while assuring accuracy to insure prompt payment.

For more information on how this works click here: RFID - How it Works

Send an e-mail to labels@osscoproducts.com or call us and one of our specialists will contact you shortly. Please provide as much information as possible. We need your company information including your CAGE code (if known), contact information (including telephone) and information on your contract (contract number and NSN.).

RFID pricing starts at $1 each with a minimum quantity of 30. Quantity discounts are available. Consulting free with label order.

Pricing is quantity based and will be provided when we contact you. Our pricing is very competitive and when bundled with the expert hand holding we provide, they are a real bargain.

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