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Packaging Consulting and Services Available including GSA Labels


We have awesome packaging and label specialists waiting to help you in this area. We provide comprehensive analysis and assistance in defining your GSA mandated packaging. Our packaging specialists can assist in understanding the maze of GSA packaging requirements insuring a smooth shipment. Get the quote right. Make sure you plan on all costs before you commit to providing expensive services that you were had not planned on. Our specialists have over 30 years of experience in Packaging and Labeling for GSA agencies. We will share our experience in shipping to GSA agencies with you as well as prepare all necessary labels needed to properly mark all shipments. Let us help.

When packaging exceeds your in-house capabilities we can provide packaging services at reasonable prices to meet your needs. As government agencies demand complex packaging, a minor shipment can cause excessive problems.

Let us help!  See sample labels here

Send an e-mail to packaging@osscoproducts.com and one of our specialists will contact you shortly. Please provide as much information as possible. We need your company information including your contact information (including telephone) and information on your contract (contract number and NSN).


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