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'Preprinted Labels & Expertise to insure your sucessful DoD shipping & packaging experience'




Company Profile

Family owned and family operated since 1906. The company was incorporated in 1974.  M.B. Shuler II, being third generation, became the current President/CEO in 1976.

 Beginning in 1983 the United States Department of Defense initiated new systems that required the use of "3 of 9 LOGMARS" (LOGistic MARking and Shipping).  The Ossco Products division of Owens & Shuler, Inc. grew from the beta-testing, training, education and support that became necessary with the automation in packaging  and materials handling required by The Department of Defense.

The Ossco Products division of Owens & Shuler (formed in 1976) continues to be an innovative leader in providing quality Barcode and RFID products to the military suppliers’ community.  As a family-owned and professionally managed privately-held company, Ossco Products is known for its 32-year history of making outstanding products, providing quality service and delivering on customer satisfaction. Headquartered in Sumter, South Carolina, the company is committed to providing solutions to Customers who supply the military.




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