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R.F.I.D. - A simple overview of how it works
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RFID Antenna


The antenna,or TAG, is embedded in the R.F.I.D. label. When the reader transmits a signal the antenna generates a electrical charge that powers a small transmitter. The transmitter sends out the embedded code (that 26 digit number shown on the barcode). The reader receives this code and through the miracle of computers the system knows what is in the box. At no time was a human involved.



The reader just stands there transmitting it's signal as long as it is turned on. When an unsuspecting R.F.I.D Tag (pre-programed by our system) comes in range, it is forced to give up everything it knows (a 26 digit hexidecimal number) that the reader then transmits to the computer system. The system simply knows that the box was at the readers location.

  This is a very simple look at the process. If a reader is placed in a doorway then all packages passing through the doorway will be noted. The computer system can then make decisions based upon what it sees like paying your invoice. When you enter the package information into the Wide Area Work Flow it must be correct. The correct pallet tag information and the correct carton information including the quantity of items in each package must be correct.
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